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november memories

november birthdays.november memories2 november memories3november-10 november-12 november-13 november-17 the birthday boys. jonathan turning 13, joshua turning 11.november memories5 november-19 november-20 november-21 november-33 november memories7 november memories4 november-45 november memories8 thanksgiving (this is my beautiful/favorite mother. I love her and this picture a lot.) thanksgiving-9 thanksgiving-10  thanksgiving-8 alex took photos too, you can see them here. november memories1       november 29th, decorating and such. tree decorating-1tree decorating_top-1tree decorating_top-2tree decorating_top-3tree decorating_top-5tree decorating_top-7tree decorating_top-8tree decorating_top-9tree decorating_top-10 november 30, me and jesse’s first christmas tree.november memories9 it’s very small but I’m very proud of it.first tree-1 first tree-5 first tree-6 first tree-4 it’s missing jesse’s ornaments and we left room to start our own collection but (despite it’s lopsidedness) we’re really excited about it. I love coming home to this tree and listening to cheesy, overplayed christmas songs and I just really love this time of year. happy december!


photo adventuring with alex

my little brother is doing photography and videography now! so we did a dual photoshoot to share ideas and hangout and such.alex_top-1

in the cold, wet rain.alex_top-2 alex_top-3 alex_top-4 alex_top-5 alex_top-6

alex demonstrates his process for ‘getting low’ to take the photo.alex_top-7 alex_top-8 alex_top-9

my toes were wet and cold (my boots are dead) and my hands were numb but he bought me coffee and it was all okay.


november shoot

bonus: here are the photos he took of me. head over to his photography page and leave some love.

1422412_10202494924435458_1170404861_n bio pic biopic

2013 adventures

february –

valentine’s day singer-songwriter benefit show:

Pisces Risingvday-1


close up on the quiet ones


the capital

vday-8 vday-9

myself and i at spazzfest (also recording a new record which is sounding pretty awesome and i’m not just saying that because i date the singer)

myself and i-9

myself and i-11

april –

the future is me farewell show at the casbah in durham. this is the capitalcasbah_favorites-2casbah_favorites-4casbah_favorites-8 casbah_favorites-9 casbah_favorites-10


casbah_favorites-12 casbah_favorites-15 casbah_favorites-18 casbah_favorites-20

may –

exploring richmond before the bayside show.va-8

june –

close up on the quiet ones promo shoot, with lots of outtakes. (i used to play in this band with these dudes. they’re pretty cool dudes and they’re releasing a new single/video soon!)

group with logo2close up promos group-2cuotqo 61413-9cuotqo 61413-11 cuotqo 61413-13 cuotqo 61413-22 cuotqo 61413-36 cuotqo 61413-46 cuotqo 61413-54


october –

fall break day trip to durham to explore the museums and Duke campus. these were taken in the gardens which are gorgeous (not at all depicted in these photos) and it was a perfect day, but I took very few photos because I wasn’t feeling well. hope to go back soon! (and one day, maybe attend school there. . .maybe?)duke gardens-2 duke gardens-3 duke gardens-4

so I had a lot of random photos I haven’t posted. hard to believe 2013 is nearly over. so excited to be on thanksgiving break and almost done with school though. I’m ridiculously sentimental at holidays and I can’t wait to spend time with my family (and hopefully take lots of photos). I’m working on redoing my website over break and I’d love to get your opinion! here’s how it’s going so far. please let me know what you think!