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november memories

november birthdays.november memories2 november memories3november-10 november-12 november-13 november-17 the birthday boys. jonathan turning 13, joshua turning 11.november memories5 november-19 november-20 november-21 november-33 november memories7 november memories4 november-45 november memories8 thanksgiving (this is my beautiful/favorite mother. I love her and this picture a lot.) thanksgiving-9 thanksgiving-10  thanksgiving-8 alex took photos too, you can see them here. november memories1       november 29th, decorating and such. tree decorating-1tree decorating_top-1tree decorating_top-2tree decorating_top-3tree decorating_top-5tree decorating_top-7tree decorating_top-8tree decorating_top-9tree decorating_top-10 november 30, me and jesse’s first christmas tree.november memories9 it’s very small but I’m very proud of it.first tree-1 first tree-5 first tree-6 first tree-4 it’s missing jesse’s ornaments and we left room to start our own collection but (despite it’s lopsidedness) we’re really excited about it. I love coming home to this tree and listening to cheesy, overplayed christmas songs and I just really love this time of year. happy december!



bk bk2brooke 3family-2 family-3family-11 family-12 family-13 family-14 family-15 family-16 family-17 family-18family-23family-27family-29family-31 family-32family-37family-39family-41 family-42 family-43 family-44family-46 family-47 family-48family-52 family-54 family-55


I found these photos in my drafts folder after neglecting this blog/photography far too long so I thought I should publish them anyway. I don’t remember much about this day except telling brooke she dressed like a child but not in a bad way and kelsey’s hair wild on the trampoline and how beautiful they both are when they laugh.

people are interesting.


this is mady. she’s really beautiful and she takes really beautiful pictures and i love her because she thinks anthony raneri can do no wrong and just wants to write and be broke and drive across the country as well.mady1

people-4 mady2

people-2i love her boots very much and i warned her i was going to steal them.mady3

i’m always super jealous of my friend’s beanie form. i can never get a beanie to sit or stay right on my head.mady4



we met a very interesting family while taking pictures behind their workplace building.


they had the cutest little boy with the prettiest eyes and the name jasper.people-8

the grandmother came out and asked us about school and our cameras and why did we want to take pictures in this ugly old alley.

“i like it. it’s pretty,” mady said.


she told us if we wanted to take pretty pictures we should take pictures of jasper because he’s so photogenic. and boy was she right.

“there’s four of them, you know, and they’re all so photogenic,” she said.

“do you wanna meet the rest of them?” she said.

we shrugged our shoulders and followed her into the print shop.


we met jasper’s two older brothers and sleeping baby sister and they are all so beautiful with pretty eyes and cut smiles.

their grandmother had an entire wall of pictures devoted to her children and grandchildren and great grandchildren. she named them all and told us their stories. one was an artist, one had moved far away, one had played a lot of sports in high school.

the grandfather was a photographer before the digital age and he reminisced about his dark room and how much technology has changed.

i showed him the live view feature on my camera and he shook his head, impressed.


it was getting late and we wanted to get to the water front before the sun was all gone so mady and i ducked out, not quite sure what had just happened.

people-11 people-12

we had just spent almost an hour looking into a stranger’s life.

people are interesting.


water is just really pretty. really really pretty. and sky.

and water and sky together are extra pretty.people-15

oh and also mady’s face.people-16 people-17“i like to call this ‘things white people do,'” mady said, laughing.

i can’t argue with that.

it was such an odd and beautiful day and i’m glad i got to share it with mady.

merry christmas

christmas eve-4 christmas eve-5

christmas eve-9

these are my grandparents and they didn’t want their picture taken, but i’m really glad they let me take their picture anyway.

christmas eve-13

and this is my mom, isn’t she beautiful?

christmas eve-16

christmas eve-19

 christmas eve-28

“don’t take my picture! you’ll break your camera!”

“get that camera out of my face!”

“grandma’s gonna give you the look!”

i said, go ahead, give me the look.

so she did.

christmas eve-35 christmas eve-36

i wish people didn’t hate having their picture made so much. especially parents and grandparents.

i don’t care that you’re getting old, i don’t care that you still look in the mirror and feel much younger than you look.

people grow old, it’s what people do. aging is a part of life.

spend too much time fighting it and you miss out on a lot.

christmas eve-39

christmas eve-45

christmas eve-49 christmas eve-52 christmas eve-53 christmas eve-54

beautiful sisters with beautiful smiles.

christmas eve-58 christmas eve-62 christmas eve-70 christmas eve-73 christmas eve-83 christmas eve-86 christmas eve-90 christmas eve-92 christmas eve-98christmas eve-107 christmas eve-108 christmas eve-109 christmas eve-110 christmas eve-113 christmas eve-115 christmas eve-117 christmas eve-122 christmas eve-135

hope everyone is having a wonderful christmas!