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november memories

november birthdays.november memories2 november memories3november-10 november-12 november-13 november-17 the birthday boys. jonathan turning 13, joshua turning 11.november memories5 november-19 november-20 november-21 november-33 november memories7 november memories4 november-45 november memories8 thanksgiving (this is my beautiful/favorite mother. I love her and this picture a lot.) thanksgiving-9 thanksgiving-10  thanksgiving-8 alex took photos too, you can see them here. november memories1       november 29th, decorating and such. tree decorating-1tree decorating_top-1tree decorating_top-2tree decorating_top-3tree decorating_top-5tree decorating_top-7tree decorating_top-8tree decorating_top-9tree decorating_top-10 november 30, me and jesse’s first christmas tree.november memories9 it’s very small but I’m very proud of it.first tree-1 first tree-5 first tree-6 first tree-4 it’s missing jesse’s ornaments and we left room to start our own collection but (despite it’s lopsidedness) we’re really excited about it. I love coming home to this tree and listening to cheesy, overplayed christmas songs and I just really love this time of year. happy december!


photo adventuring with alex

my little brother is doing photography and videography now! so we did a dual photoshoot to share ideas and hangout and such.alex_top-1

in the cold, wet rain.alex_top-2 alex_top-3 alex_top-4 alex_top-5 alex_top-6

alex demonstrates his process for ‘getting low’ to take the photo.alex_top-7 alex_top-8 alex_top-9

my toes were wet and cold (my boots are dead) and my hands were numb but he bought me coffee and it was all okay.


november shoot

bonus: here are the photos he took of me. head over to his photography page and leave some love.

1422412_10202494924435458_1170404861_n bio pic biopic

2013 adventures

february –

valentine’s day singer-songwriter benefit show:

Pisces Risingvday-1


close up on the quiet ones


the capital

vday-8 vday-9

myself and i at spazzfest (also recording a new record which is sounding pretty awesome and i’m not just saying that because i date the singer)

myself and i-9

myself and i-11

april –

the future is me farewell show at the casbah in durham. this is the capitalcasbah_favorites-2casbah_favorites-4casbah_favorites-8 casbah_favorites-9 casbah_favorites-10


casbah_favorites-12 casbah_favorites-15 casbah_favorites-18 casbah_favorites-20

may –

exploring richmond before the bayside show.va-8

june –

close up on the quiet ones promo shoot, with lots of outtakes. (i used to play in this band with these dudes. they’re pretty cool dudes and they’re releasing a new single/video soon!)

group with logo2close up promos group-2cuotqo 61413-9cuotqo 61413-11 cuotqo 61413-13 cuotqo 61413-22 cuotqo 61413-36 cuotqo 61413-46 cuotqo 61413-54


october –

fall break day trip to durham to explore the museums and Duke campus. these were taken in the gardens which are gorgeous (not at all depicted in these photos) and it was a perfect day, but I took very few photos because I wasn’t feeling well. hope to go back soon! (and one day, maybe attend school there. . .maybe?)duke gardens-2 duke gardens-3 duke gardens-4

so I had a lot of random photos I haven’t posted. hard to believe 2013 is nearly over. so excited to be on thanksgiving break and almost done with school though. I’m ridiculously sentimental at holidays and I can’t wait to spend time with my family (and hopefully take lots of photos). I’m working on redoing my website over break and I’d love to get your opinion! here’s how it’s going so far. please let me know what you think!

late summer mountain air

asheville trip-1 asheville trip-2 asheville trip-3 asheville trip-6 asheville trip-8asheville trip-10 asheville trip-12 asheville trip-13 asheville trip-14 asheville trip-17 asheville trip-19 asheville trip-21asheville trip-25 asheville trip-27 asheville trip-28 asheville trip-29 asheville trip-30 asheville trip-31 asheville trip-32 asheville trip-34 asheville trip-35 asheville trip-36 asheville trip-37 asheville trip-38 asheville trip-39 asheville trip-40 asheville trip-41 asheville trip-42 asheville trip-43 asheville trip-44 asheville trip-45 asheville trip-46 asheville trip-47

me and Jesse took a much needed road trip to visit some friends in Asheville, explore the city, and climb some mountains before school started back. unfortunately we hadn’t planned on it raining the whole time we were there and our visits were cut short by friends also returning to school but it was fun, a nice break from reality and the Greenville scenery.

we met up with Channing and Gabe and walked around for a bit downtown before heading up explore the mountains. the mountain air was cold and thin and hurt my lungs and the back of my throat but just being in the mountains, the scenery, the air, the trails, everything, it has always brought the nature-girl out in me (and I’m really really not much of a nature girl). the mountains just make me really happy.

it stopped raining long enough for us to walk up to Devil’s Courthouse and started raining as soon as we reached the top. the boys did a little more off trail exploring but my shoes were slippery and I’m overly protective of my camera so I watched from the pedestrian outlook. I really didn’t even care if it was raining and my hands were cold and I didn’t have a rain jacket. it was beautiful.

Channing’s dog Conner was being a bit of a wuss and after the guys finally managed to lift him back up to the trail we walked back to the car and went to explore some waterfalls. I don’t care how overdone or common or cliche waterfall pictures are. water is just beautiful, peaceful, serene, calm, natural. there is a certain order of things in nature and mountain exploring brings you right back to it. being stuck up in the house all summer, working and sleeping it away has made me antsy, both anxious and excited for the new school year. I started a second job and new classes and a new schedule at my old job, all good things. I’m sort of a sucker for routine, it makes me feel safe. change, however, does not. and going from zero to sixty is a big change. being back among trees and dirt and rocks and water and things less affected by human hands calmed and cleared my head.

everyone sufficiently explored out, cold and wet, we drove back to apartment for hot tea and coffee, got some local pizza and watched some Best of Saturday Night Live and went to bed (but not to sleep as Conner the Dog doesn’t need sleep, and doesn’t think we humans need it either). Everyone went to school Monday morning so me and Jesse walked around downtown a little more, grabbed coffee and spent too long in the used bookstore (I could have spent the entire trip there, all of the books smelled nice) before heading back real life. it was short and sweet and grounding. I’m a couple weeks into school now and I love 60% of my classes but honestly I just want to go back and sit on a mountain.


Pierce the Veil / Memphis May Fire / Letlive / Issues at the Lincoln


ptv-31ptv-18 ptv-19 ptv-20 ptv-21ptv-34 ptv-36 ptv-37 ptv-50 ptv-52 ptv-56 ptv-62 ptv-63 ptv-69 ptv-71 ptv-85 ptv-96 ptv-102 ptv-103 ptv-107 ptv-110 ptv-117a few shots from the Pierce the Veil, Memphis May Fire, Issues, and Letlive show at Lincoln Theatre. it was kind of cool cause Adam Elmakias was there (in my way, actually) taking pictures and he’s one of my favorite live photographers. I didn’t get to meet him, obviously, cause he was a litte busy but it was a little cool to be standing next to him taking pictures and all. (fangirl moment)

Stars! Twirl Studio 2013 performances

Encore Dance Competition stars 2013-2 stars 2013-3 stars 2013-12

(that’s my mom and my baby sister)

Stars! at Harlem Globetrotter’s half-time performance at ECUharlem globetrotters 2013-9 harlem globetrotters 2013-41 harlem globetrotters 2013-58 harlem globetrotters 2013-75 harlem globetrotters 2013-81 harlem globetrotters 2013-102 harlem globetrotters 2013-113 harlem globetrotters 2013-116 harlem globetrotters 2013-122 harlem globetrotters 2013-129 harlem globetrotters 2013-191

harlem globetrotters 2013-229

Shad Festival

shad festival-22 shad festival-38 shad festival-87 shad festival-89 shad festival-108 shad festival-168 shad festival-189 shad festival-230

Recitalstars recital-14 stars recital-17 stars recital-34 stars recital-55 stars recital-68 stars recital-77 stars recital-78 stars recital-82 stars recital-88 stars recital-101 stars recital-103 stars recital-106 stars recital-163


meg stars recital-191 stars recital-250 stars recital-253

hannahstars recital-358 stars recital-398 stars recital-423stars recital-443 stars recital-583

last dance stars recital-587

these are just a few of my favorite shots from several Stars! performances this year.

it was my little sister’s first year competing and she was completely adorable in her little speed racer costume. this year marked the studio’s tenth anniversary and was a big year emotionally as three of the girl’s who had been dancing at the studio the longest graduated this year. there was a lot of crying but not in a bad way.

new york adventures

ny-2 ny-5 ny-6 ny-12 ny-13 ny-18 ny-22 ny-24 ny-25 ny-32 ny-33 ny-34 ny-35 ny-36 ny-37 ny-40

me and Jesse took a trip to New York for the day a couple months ago. he kept telling me he was going to take me to New York and I kept saying “okay” and he kept saying “you’re almost done with school and we’re going to New York” and I said “okay” and then well I finished school and Jesse got our tickets and we went to New York.

it was my first plane ride but I’m far more scared of airports and connections than I am of flying, the flying was actually kind of nice. and the train ride was sort of nice too but I couldn’t tell you why, I think I just like the idea of taking a train somewhere. we walked out of Penn station and the city sort of slaps you in the face. I sort of love that about it. there’s just stuff everywhere. big stuff. things are happening literally everywhere at all times. I sort of fall in love with the busyness and the bigness and the overwhelming realization that thousands of people are living their own lives all around you and they don’t care what you’re doing there.

I sort of forgot to take my camera out and take pictures as we walked to Time Square and explored some of the stores, walked three miles in the wrong direction toward Central Park, walked in Macy’s, got some weird looks, walked out, walked several more miles back to Central Park and finally found it. I figured it’d be cool but a little overrated but my god it was beautiful. it was also nice to sit down after walking around all day.

we wandered around Central Park for probably two hours until the sun set. we found this neat spot to watch the sun go down behind the sky scrapers and we weren’t the only ones to notice the place or appreciate it’s beauty. it was getting dark and we hadn’t eaten all day so we headed back towards into the city but before we did we found the most beautiful wisteria-covered gazebo to sit and watch the last of the light disappear behind the city. honestly it’s one of the most beautiful memories I have.

I wish I had stopped to take more pictures but I was a little busy trying to take it all in. there was so much happening. next time, maybe?


bk bk2brooke 3family-2 family-3family-11 family-12 family-13 family-14 family-15 family-16 family-17 family-18family-23family-27family-29family-31 family-32family-37family-39family-41 family-42 family-43 family-44family-46 family-47 family-48family-52 family-54 family-55


I found these photos in my drafts folder after neglecting this blog/photography far too long so I thought I should publish them anyway. I don’t remember much about this day except telling brooke she dressed like a child but not in a bad way and kelsey’s hair wild on the trampoline and how beautiful they both are when they laugh.

cemetery weather

cemetery weather-6cemetery weather-1 cemetery weather-2 cemetery weather-3 cemetery weather-4 cemetery weather-5cemetery weather-8 cemetery weather-9 cemetery weather-10

infant death

Thursday was silly so I decided to drive, somewhere. I really didn’t know where. I ended up at Tipsy Teapot which was a little silly cause I had to go there later for the show Alex (representing the band) was playing so I bought a tea and went for a walk. I ended up heading to the cemetery which sounds so morbid but sometimes it’s a sobering place to think. Walking there from the lights and cars and noise and suddenly being surrounded by the remains of people that once had lives and thoughts and feelings and memories and people who loved them is a little crazy to think about, but I was feeling crazy anyway.

There is something about visiting a cemetery and the juxtaposition of the living and the dead. There’s this realization that all we are is temporary lying before you in the ground, decomposing, slowly and quietly beneath your feet as you walk between the graves and try your best not to disturb them.

I walked through the debilitated gravestones, small ones, simple markers or mounds just above the ground and tall monuments to the dead. There were statues and sculptures of heavenly beings, all this work and heavy stone to mark something that no longer exists.

A person doesn’t inhabit a grave – only his bones can do that and eventually they too will turn to dust.

I found so many infants written in stone that I began to count them, only to find I didn’t really want to count them after all. I realized then, I’m not so young after all and I wondered what the hell I was doing running around a cemetery at twilight on Valentine’s Day but then I wondered if it mattered and decided it probably didn’t, so I took pictures of the pink sky and wondered what life and death meant after all. Ambling around and contemplating the universe is sort of my favorite past time, drinking coffee or tea being my second, and writing my third. I finished my peppermint tea and walked back to watch the show.

I don’t have a lovey-dovey Valentine’s post because it’s not Valentine’s Day anymore and I spent my day skipping school and running around feeling like something was wrong with me but I think it made me realize it really doesn’t matter what you do with your life, as long as you do something with it. You can’t waste your time doing things you hate and not saying what you want and not letting people know you love them because we’re as temporary as the flower arrangements we leave on gravestones.

close up on the quiet ones at lincoln theater

alex-1lincolnlincoln2(alex took these on the roof across the street, classic close up hehe.)alex-2 alex-3 alex-4alex-5 alex-6lincoln3alex-7 alex-9lincoln4-1 alex-10alex-12lincoln4 alex-13

alex-16lincoln5lincoln6lincoln7lincoln9alex-17alex-18 alex-19alex-20lincon8alex-21lincoln10alex-22lincoln11 alex-23lincoln12 alex-24lincoln13


alex-29lincon17lincoln18 alex-30 alex-31 alex-32lincoln19 alex-33lincoln14 alex-34alex-35lincoln21alex-36lincoln24 alex-37lincoln23lincoln22 alex-38lincoln25

my mommy took a few pictures of us.



like i said. . a few, heh. but she was really on video duty so we could put together our montage video for our single, which is out now, by the way. you can watch it/listen here :D

Imaginary Houses – Close Up On The Quiet Ones

so my band played a show at lincoln theater and it was pretty exciting. my favorite bands have played on that stage. cool, right? even though we left  several minutes after, me and Erik got there almost twenty minutes before Alex and Brandon, so we got our wristbands and went exploring. We walked across the street and rode up to the rooftop of the parking garage for a different view.

the weather was perfect, a little bit of grey but not a sad grey, just a nice winter grey that isn’t too cold but just right. honestly, I didn’t want to play the show. honestly, I had worked all morning and I just wanted to sit down and read a book. honestly, I was super stressed and not prepared to deal with people for six hours before being able to play and then keep Alex awake for the drive home.

but as we pulled up and walked in the back store “for band members only” and walked on stage and into the back area, we walked to the front to check in and pick up our wristbands and then across the street, I got excited. I got really really excited. I mean, sure it wasn’t a huge crowd at eleven o’clock on a Sunday night. sure, we didn’t open for some big touring act. sure, whatever. it was still the biggest stage we’ve played on yet and that’s exciting. I’ve seen some of my bands play there, on that same stage. it’s still a step up, non? I can still get excited about the little things sometimes.

Alex and Brandon met us on the roof and they all took the exact same instagram picture of the mural on the side of lincoln. we goofed around and Brandon stood on the edge and stressed me out (there was a lot of “you can’t die before we play tonight!” “we need a guitarist!” and “you do realize tony perry spit on that stage, right? you can’t die!” being yelled) but he was okay and he got his profile picture.

back inside we watched For All It’s Worth and Light The Atlantic and goofed off with our friends in And By Love. they let us share their merch table and took ridiculous pictures with us. we met some cool people and made some band friends, which is nice. I really like meeting new people. the lights were so fancy and I got so excited. most of the shows I end up taking pictures at have very little lighting and often I photograph bands at Tipsy Teapot where all the walls and lights are red. I got so excited about some different lighting and I took too many pictures. but it was fun for me to enjoy photographing music again.

The Rest Is Up To You and When Forever Comes played and then we danced around to And By Love. Four Nights Gone and A City Apart played next and in between we made friends with Alex and Mary-Margaret, two very sweet ladies who were kind enough to stick around to watch us play. turns out they’re pretty cool people and girl-Alex and guitar-Alex have the same name (go figure!). they both promised to go like us on facebook and check out our EP (and the coolest part was, they kept their promise!) because they’re amazing and we had fun goofing off with them. Close Up did our ridiculous warm up – stretching routine and And By Love attempted to follow along. we lined up our equipment and of course, then time starts moving faster.

we were finally on stage and experiencing all sorts of technical difficulties. amplifiers that only go out at shows are always fun to deal with. ah well, we shook it off and played our set and it was worth it. I had so much fun and met new people and goofed off with old friends and made memories and I’m still pretty proud of us. we’ve come a long way since becoming a band in December 2011 and next month, we release our second EP Land Ho. I’m so very excited about it and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.

you can preorder the CD and a merch bundle on our fancy new little online shop. check it out, eh?