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november memories

november birthdays.november memories2 november memories3november-10 november-12 november-13 november-17 the birthday boys. jonathan turning 13, joshua turning 11.november memories5 november-19 november-20 november-21 november-33 november memories7 november memories4 november-45 november memories8 thanksgiving (this is my beautiful/favorite mother. I love her and this picture a lot.) thanksgiving-9 thanksgiving-10  thanksgiving-8 alex took photos too, you can see them here. november memories1       november 29th, decorating and such. tree decorating-1tree decorating_top-1tree decorating_top-2tree decorating_top-3tree decorating_top-5tree decorating_top-7tree decorating_top-8tree decorating_top-9tree decorating_top-10 november 30, me and jesse’s first christmas tree.november memories9 it’s very small but I’m very proud of it.first tree-1 first tree-5 first tree-6 first tree-4 it’s missing jesse’s ornaments and we left room to start our own collection but (despite it’s lopsidedness) we’re really excited about it. I love coming home to this tree and listening to cheesy, overplayed christmas songs and I just really love this time of year. happy december!


hannah and ray forever

hannah and ray-1hannah and ray-5 hannah and ray-8 hannah and ray-9 hannah and ray-10 hannah and ray-14 hannah and ray-16 hannah and ray-35 hannah and ray-46hannah and ray-74 hannah and ray-77 hannah and ray-81 hannah and ray-94 hannah and ray-109 hannah and ray-117 hannah and ray-122 hannah and ray-136 hannah and ray-173 hannah and ray-184 hannah and ray-187 hannah and ray-190 hannah and ray-202 hannah and ray-208 hannah and ray-212 hannah and ray-214 hannah and ray-226 hannah and ray-237 hannah and ray-243 hannah and ray-260For their 5th wedding anniversary, Hannah and Ray chose to renew their wedding vows and share their testimony with their closest friends and family. Here’s just a few of my favorite shots.